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MAT 300

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  • 5/3 Final exam scores and course grades are available above. The high score on the final was 99.
  • 4/25 The grade reporter above will now also show your current average (out of 100%), and compute what you need as a percentage on the final exam to get various different grades in the course. Please take this information with a grain of salt.

    You have all of the raw score information, and the method for computing grades (from the syllabus). So, you can compute this information for yourself, and should do so.

    Additionally, it is a bad idea to become complacent if you are doing well. Students often do worse on the final exam than they expect, so if you shoot for an "easy" score, you may miss.

  • 4/20 Both classes during the final week will be devoted to questions/answers for the final exam. Bring questions.
  • 4/18 The material for the final exam starts with the beginning of the course (logic) and ends with section 5.1.

    The next few lectures will continue with cardinality, with a focus more on ideas than on giving samples of proofs.

    The final day of class (Thursday 4/27) is devoted to questions/answers for the final exam.

  • 4/18 Here are solutions to Test 2. In general scores were higher on test 2. The high score was 102, and the median was 70.
  • 4/11 The final assignment to be turned in is assigned today and due in 1 week.
  • 4/3 Class on Tuesday, 4/11 will be devoted to a question/answer time for Test 2.
  • 3/28 Test 2 is in just over 2 weeks. It will cover sections 4.2-4.4: relations, partial orderings, functions, and equivalence relations.
  • 3/10 Here are solutions to Test 1. Scores are available above. The scores are treated as if there was 100 points possible (so theoretically, one could get 102% on the test). The high score was 100.
  • 2/28 Class on Tuesday, Feb. 28, will be a question/answer session for Test 1. Bring questions.
  • 2/16 Test 1 will cover from the beginning of the course through Section 4.1, i.e., the through the current homework.
  • 2/6 It is possible office hours will start late on Wed., Feb. 8 (I will be coming to campus from a doctor's appointment).
  • 2/1 The School has various scholarships for students. You can't win if you don't apply. See
  • 1/23 My office hour on Wed, 1/25, is cancelled for a doctor's appointment.
  • About this course
    This is a course in how to read and write mathematical proofs. This involves
    • Formal logic
    • Use of quantifiers and variables
    • Basic proof techniques
    We will practice our proof writing primarily with set theory, which underlies many subjects in math.
  • Exams:
    • Test 1: March 2
    • Test 2: April 13
    • Final: May 2
  • Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-2:50, Wednesdays 1:00-1:50, and by appointment starting on January 9.
  • ASU Student Code of Conduct, especially F1 and G.
  • ASU policy on rescheduling final exams: ACD 304-01
  • ASU policy on missed classes.
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