Number Fields

The previous tables of number fields have been replaced by the searchable database below. For the time being, the previous tables are still accessible here.

Degree r1 r2
|D| rd(K) grd(K)
Galois T-num. h
|{ram. primes}| pmin pmax
p1   c1
p2 c2
p3 c3
p4 c4
p5 c5
Only listed primes can ramify
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Input notes

Entry blanks for a variable x can be filled in with

Output notes


Most fields here were computed by J. Jones and D. Roberts. In addition, there are fields computed by E. Driver, R. Wallington, J. Voight, J. Klüners and G. Malle, Noam Elkies, as well as those from the Bordeaux PARI group.