Site Credits

Tools for creating this site came from various sources.

  • The basic design and template are based on Pasilda found on Open Source Web Design. I modified the design a little, and moved parts of the template to css.
  • The collection of pages were generated with WebMake.
  • Some of the decorative math images were taken from other sites. In each case, the image is a link to the site where I found it. From there you can see other images created by the same person/group, larger versions of the images, information about what the image represents, etc.
  • The math images which are not links are as follows.
    • comes from the paper Timing Analysis of Targeted Hunter Searches, with D. Roberts. It shows a space of polynomials within a given bound for T2, split according to the associated real algebra (a.k.a., the signature).
    • came from a flyer for a talk given by Joe Buhler. I think a student he was working with produced the image originally. It represents quadratic algebras associated to a polynomial over Z2.
  • Some parts of the site display typeset math within web pages using Davide Cervone's jsMath.
Last Update: September 14, 2005

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