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Jeff Holt

Coauthor for the textbook Discovering Number Theory and on several articles on teaching number theory. Also, a collaborator in a project to develop a library of problems for WeBWorK (also with Bill Ziemer).
Bill Ziemer

Collaborator on a grant to develop a national library of problems for WeBWorK (also with Jeff Holt).
Matthias Kawski

Collaborator for workshops on the use of CCH calculus.

Group Tables and Subgroup Diagrams

This a web-based tool which is useful in teaching introductory group theory. It allows the student to interactively compute subgroups and conjugacy classes, look at group tables in terms of the left cosets of a subgroup, and look at subgroup diagrams.

The project is coded with javascript so it can run quickly in a web page through almost any brower. The subgroup diagram part uses the new canvas element, so it only works in recent versions of firefox, safari opera, and through an emulation layer, windows-explorer.


I oversaw the implementation of WeBWorK, an online homework system for ASU's first year math courses for several years. I now maintain the National Problem Library for WeBWorK.

Discovering Number Theory

Discovering Number Theory is a reformed version of undergraduate number theory, written with Jeff Holt of the University of Virginia. The focus is on guided discovery with students doing numerical experiments with a computer algebra system. This three year project is supported by the NSF. Visit the Discovering Number Theory Home Page.

Calculus Reform

I was involed with Calculus Reform, in particular with the CCH approach (i.e., "Harvard Calculus"), in the early 1990s. In addition to teaching classes using the CCH book, I helped organize and teach workshops on how to use CCH text.
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